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How To Unlock Your Wealth-Key #2

Andre Park's Five_Keys_how_to_position_yourself_for_wealth-key_2

What’s up everybody!

Today I want to go ahead and cover key number two to unlocking your wealth in my Five Keys on How to Position Yourself For Wealth. In my previous videos I covered Key #1 which was having a vision. By now you should have written your vision down. If you have not written down your vision yet then take the time to write it down ASAP. Remember to be specific on who you are going to help with your vision. Also be specific about exactly what problem are you going to solve for people in your vision. Finally, be specific on how this is going to impact the lives of other people. Place your written vision somewhere where you can see it on a day-to-day basis.

In this particular video we want to talk about Key #2 which is how the wealth right now is being transferred out of the Sickness Industry into the Wellness Industry. All that is in a nutshell is this: Basically you get sick…you go to a doctor…they write your prescription…you take the drug. After taking that drug, in most cases you are going to need more drugs for the side effects that you may have. Then you might have to go back to the doctor because you now have another health problem and they’re going to prescribe another drug. Then eventually it might lead to some type of surgery that you might have to have. That’s the Sickness or Traditional Healthcare Industry.

Now that industry right now is about $3 Trillion Dollars Industry. But here’s the thing, in the past two years, over 2,000 drugs have been recalled. Yes…Over 2,000 drugs has been recalled in the past two years. The amount of deaths right now from pharmaceutical drugs, over-dose on pharmaceutical drugs, or the mixture of different pharmaceutical drugs is on an all-time high. With all the trillions of dollars as being spent on traditional healthcare, very little reports of people being healed or cured can be found. It is just a constant revolving cycle of medication, to medication, to medication. Then to doctor visit, to doctor visit, to surgery, then back to medication.  The problems are not being solved.

Also, with the new changes taking place with the health insurance industry and the change in government, it is a great shifting of the wealth from that Traditional Drug Industry and it is moving directly into the Wellness Industry.

Now the Wellness Industry is rooted in taking care of your body all naturally. Instead of the traditional drugs you might take or drink natural health supplements, eat healthy, or drink smoothies. You use herbs and natural things from nature that are help your body feel better with no adverse side effects.

Wellness Centers in the past year has grown over at 10% increase in growth but the biggest grow in the segment of that Wellness Industry is the Super Foods industry.  It has hyper-grown 200% in the past 5 years! The Wellness industry is on track to generate over $1 Trillion Dollars in revenues in 2017.  Therefore, you want to position yourself in the Wellness Industry to get your piece of that trillion dollar pie.

Watch this video as I explain exactly how this great wealth transference is happening right now.

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How I Balance Business and Family

What’s up good people! I just wanted to drop a quick line to say hello to you.  I just got back from a little over 2 mile walk here in sunny Florida and thought about a question I often get asked. That is, “Andre…How to you balance business and family?”

Well, first of all, one of the major reasons I love being an entrepreneur and empowering other entrepreneurs is that you have control over your own time instead of someone else dictating your schedule.  In my early years I didn’t know the power of time and how expensive it was once spent.  There was a phase in my life when I was all business, business, business and did not take time to do things that I really enjoyed.  I have since learned to balance my life when it comes to business, family, and health. The answer is that I strategically plan my days.

With that being said, today as I took my routine walk to enhance my fitness level while spending time with my family, I decided to shoot a short video to basically give you a little sneak peak on how most of my days go.  I aim to include my family in everything I do. Doing so leaves no neglect to those that love me and whom I love dearly. I love the hugs from my daughter and that look in her bright eyes when she calls me daddy.

Time is a gift and should be spent wisely. It cannot be rewinded. Therefore I believe you should enjoy every moment you can when you can.

Watch this video. Comment and let me know some tips and ways you balance business and family.