Focus On Your Goals

Tip of the day: Focus on your goals…Don’t look in any direction but UP!

How To Get Out Of Debt and Live Your Dreams

What’s up great people! Today as I walked along the beachside taking in the beautiful sunshine and appreciating nature. I got to thinking…. “Why aren’t there many people out here enjoying this wonderful nature and peace?” This thought pricked my heart with a bit of sadness because I know where most people are in the…

How To Build Your Self Confidence

Heeey there friends! Today I want to talk about how to build your self-confidence. The reason being is that, I remember a time in my life where I was suffering with low self-esteem. I had zero confidence in myself and in everything I attempted to do. I believe the roots of low self esteem and…

Inspiration From Jamaica

Heeey what’s up great people! I enjoyed spending time in my home country and forever first love, Jamaica!! In this video, I give you a sneak peek of how beautiful the beaches of Jamaica are. More importantly, I share with you some power-packed words of inspiration and encouragement that hit my heart. Be sure to…

Live Life To The Max!

#2018 “LET’S TAKE LIFE TO THE MAX!” #nolimits #andrepark #empoweringentrepreneurs #zennoa —— Music credits: (my son)Lorenzo