My Story


Andre Park is a highly recognized and sought after successful Entrepreneur, Empowerment Coach,  Inspirational Speaker, and Dynamic Author. After going through the shame and struggle of being homeless as a auto-mechanic, Andre decided to educate himself in the field of network marketing and leadership skills. Soon his wealth of knowledge empowered him to earn his first $1 Million in the Network Marketing industry by the age of 28. Andre has truly experienced traumatic ups and downs, losses, and personal challenges that came before and even after success.  His life changing stories and determination to press through the storms of life has inspired entrepreneurs worldwide.

Andre has dedicated himself to helping others conquer fears, overcome obstacles, and develop customized techniques to achieve their personal dreams and goals. He has often been praised for his honesty, humility and passion toward people pursing their freedom as entrepreneurs.

Empowering Entrepreneurs Academy is Andre’s long sought out vision now manifested for you the business minded who is eager to achieve the most out of life. Top notch education and real talk trainings are available through Andre’s unique online academy, books, and motivational videos, designed for network marketers, business owners, and all aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide.

Andre’s core belief is that once you Change Your Mindset…You Can Change Your Life. That is a guarantee!

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Empowering Entrepreneurs Worldwide With Success Tips, Inspiration, and Strategies To Live The Dream You Deserve.